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Treatment Available

Our primary treatment focus is to provide optimal tooth replacement that restores our patients appearance, speech, ability to eat, health, comfort and confidence. Tooth replacement can involve one or multiple teeth and it can also involve all the teeth. Teeth are replaced with bridges, implant crowns, partial or complete dentures. We also repair damaged teeth as we recognize this is often preferable to losing a tooth.

We routinely restore smiles and teeth that have been compromised or lost due to decay, gum disease, fracture or wear, congenital (birth) or developmental defects and trauma such as work place or motor vehicle accidents.

We do not provide general dental care consisting of routine check ups or cleanings and instead work very closely with most general dentists who can provide this aspect of your care most efficiently.

When beneficial for our patients, we also co-ordinate care with other dental specialties who may provide periodontal (gum) disease treatment, endodontic (root canal), orthodontic (braces) or surgical therapy.