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Patient Perspectives

Immediate Dentures

Immediate Upper Denture

When I first got referred to Dr. Neale, I was hesitant ‘cause I really don’t have a clue what a prosthodontist does. I have really bad teeth and my mind is made up to change the way my teeth look. … Dr. Neale laid down the pros and cons and really explained what the best way to go about my situation. What really impressed me, was every time I visit Dr. Neale’s office, they always give me useful information to take with me. So, my final decision was to have a full denture on top. That means pulling out at least 10 teeth including my wisdoms. … After the procedure, Dr. Neale explained what to expect and gave advice on the do’s and don’ts for a while. Everybody made sure that I was fine. They even called me at home to ask how I was doing. Now I am really happy the way my teeth look and the job Dr. Neale’s office has done.

Mrs. M.N., Edmonton, 1999

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