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Tooth Repair

Tooth Wear Due to Grinding Habits

A very large percentage of people who require our services, grind their teeth causing tooth wear or fracture. Unfortunately, grinding or clenching is often not a painful habit and the person doing this, is usually completely unaware of the habit.

Most people think that if they grind their teeth at night, that their spouse would hear this and be aware of the habit. Again, unfortunately, this is often not the case. Many people think that worn teeth are a result of eating certain foods, but with very few exceptions, this is also usually not the case. It is well known to us that a tooth grinding habit can cause the rapid loss of an otherwise perfectly good set of teeth. The best treatment is prevention. Prevention usually takes the form of a diagnosis by a dentist, followed by the fabrication of a nightguard, which is a plastic cover for the teeth that is precisely fitted to the teeth and bite so that it is comfortable to wear. Nightguards are worn every night and should often last for at least 5 years prior to requiring replacement.

When the wear significantly damages the teeth, either their strength, the bite or their appearance, then crowns are usually required, and often on many teeth.

Other causes of tooth wear are constant work in a dusty or abrasive environment, such as a farmer working in the fields or the loss of many teeth resulting in much greater forces on the fewer remaining teeth.