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Dentures and Dental Implants

How to Clean Your Dentures

Because food, plaque, bacteria and mineral deposits stick to dentures it is desirable to rinse your mouth and denture after each meal. It is critical to thoroughly scrub, clean and disinfect your denture every day.

Clean your denture over a sink full of water or a towel. If the denture is dropped, it will fall into the water or onto the towel and not chip or break. Scrub the outside and inside surfaces of the denture using a denture brush. Toothpaste is not good to clean dentures as it is abrasive and will eventually wear the denture. Use denture cream or regular liquid hand or dishwashing soap. The denture must, be scrubbed with a brush and soap at least once a day to remove food, plaque and reduce mineral buildup.

Your dentures must be disinfected every day to kill bacteria and yeast that are associated with mouth infections and odor. Disinfection, stain and calculus removal is best accomplished by soaking the dentures in ‘Prodent’ solution for 30 minutes daily, which can be obtained through our office. Alternatively, either 'Efferdent' or 'Polident' can be used, which are available from most drug or large food stores but are not as effective at stain and calculus removal. In either case, rinse the denture thoroughly afterward, before placing it back in the mouth or preferably let them soak in water overnight.

If the denture starts to accumulate a mineral buildup called calculus (a hard white material), the denture can be soaked overnight in white vinegar, full strength. The vinegar will soften the calculus and it can be brushed off.

Cleaning Your Mouth
Your gums should be cleaned every day by very gently rubbing them with a soft tooth brush and then rinsing with water. If you have any natural teeth remaining then they must of course be thoroughly cleaned everyday using a soft tooth brush with fluoride tooth paste. Dental floss or other aides need to be used to clean between the teeth.

Denture Wearing During Sleep
Usually, dentures should be removed from the mouth while sleeping to give the soft tissues and bone of the mouth time to rest and recover. Whenever you take your dentures out, place them into water.

Never Let Your Dentures Dry Out As They May Warp