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Tooth Repair

Acid Damage to Teeth

Unfortunately, a surprisingly large number of people have a very significant amount of acid damage to their teeth and usually they are completely unaware of the damage until it becomes severe and the teeth become sensitive or unattractive. There are several different types of acid damage. One type is stomach acid reflux or heart burn where some of the stomach contents get regurgitated into the throat and mouth, usually after a large meal. When this happens other than on a very infrequent basis, the teeth will actually begin to dissolve because of the acids. The pattern of acid erosion is very specific to certain surfaces of specific teeth with many of the visible surfaces completely left alone. A similar pattern of acid damage occurs with bullemia.

The upper front teeth (on the tongue side) are very eroded as evidenced by the loss of white enamel and the inner, more yellow dentin tooth layer has become exposed. The biting surface of the lower back teeth is also quite eroded.

A second, different pattern of acid erosion occurs in people who constantly sip a carbonated beverage for hours every day. Drinking a soft drink at each meal will cause minimal damage, compared to consuming the same number of soft drinks but sipping them throughout the day.

A third separate pattern of acid erosion occurs in those who enjoy sucking on lemon or citrus fruit wedges for extended periods of time.